Organisation Audit

In reviewing an organisation or a programme we consider the way the organisation has grown, its culture and structure, processes and the people expertise that is needed to successfully deliver what the organisation is there to do. We find that when one or more of the elements is ignored, the strategy execution will be compromised. Typically, organisations are strong in 2 of the elements and in their desire to implement, minimise the impact and importance of the others leading to sub optimal performance.

Effective Organisation Strategy

Effective Organisation Strategy is about having the right people in the appropriate “seats” to deliver the strategy. When considering whether or not the organisation structure is effective the following questions can provide some useful insights:

  • Is the existing organisational structure fit for the future?
  • How agile is the structure at responding to changing customer demands?
  • How quickly and effectively does communication flow through the organisation?
  • What skills will be required in the future?
  • Where will the organisation find these skills?

We review the approach taken to the way the organisation operates; what is acceptable behaviour in the attainment of the organisation’s goals. Robust, resilient organisations begin with the leadership team and endorse and promote good effective behaviours throughout the organisation. As recent history has shown the reputation of an organisation can be severely damaged by the behaviour of a few individuals and the failure of the organisation’s leadership to address the issues.

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