Team Development Workshop’s

Working with individuals and then the team we build alignment with individuals, the team and the organisation, its strategy and its objectives. The development is based on discussions at all levels and with individual team members to understand, and to create alignment. Using Peridot International’s team performance questionnaire, we are able to benchmark team performance and work with clients to develop bespoke action plans to ensure that the sum of the team is greater than its individual components.

“A Commercial and Supply Chain team recognised that as the scale and complexity of their contracts grew, their contribution was becoming more critical to the organisation’s overall financial success. They recognised the need to work more collaboratively, pooling their combined skills and knowledge. Peridot International designed and facilitated a series of team development workshops in which they learned about their individual preferred working styles, the impact they could have on others and how to tailor the approach, to work more effectively with colleagues. Using the Peridot International team effectiveness questionnaire, they assessed their current performance and agreed an action plan. 6 months on, the team effectiveness scores had improved and the organisation reported an improved service, with greater clarity and focus to the support provided.”

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